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Woody's Christmas food fund appeal 2023

Hi, Woody here, I was lucky to be adopted a few weeks ago and I am very happy in my new home, so on behalf of all my doggo mates and feline friends its my turn to let you know about the Xmas goodies you can donate.  Dogs are still being fed on fresh meat so any donation great or small is very much appreciated.  We also use tinned Butchers loaf in jelly grain free for those that won’t eat fresh meat.  The dogs would also love some rope ragger toys and treats.  Our feline friends eat Whiskers and Felix pouches and dried food and love cat nip toys and Dreamies.  That just leaves us to say “We wish you all our friends and their families a very Merry Christmas and great New Year xxxx

You can make a donation via PayPal using email address:


The Destitute Animals Shelter is a rescue charity dedicated to caring for the lost, stray and abandoned dogs and cats of the Bolton area. We have a non-destruction policy and are committed to reducing the unwanted cat and dog problem in this area by neutering every animal that we re-home. We help, love & rehome over 450 animals per year!

The Shelter is a ‘Charitable Trust’. This differs from a more normal charity in that it was founded by a very kind lady in the 1920’s who left a property on Deane Road to be used for the purpose of caring for the ‘destitute’ cats and dogs of Bolton.


We have a dedicated staff that are supported by the efforts of our volunteers, fund-raisers and their gifts, donations and legacies. We have a non-destruction policy and are committed to reducing the unwanted dog and cat problem in Bolton by neutering every animal we re-home. We deal with over 200 animals per year, either reuniting them with their owners or finding them new homes. Please support us with your contributions, your time, or in whatever way you can. A really good way to help is by being a “Friend of the Shelter“.