200 Club

We have a wide variety of fund raising sources and are always eager to hear of possible new ones.

Jennifer has been fundraising for the shelter for many, successful years and is in charge of most of the tried and tested methods which include; sales of bric-a-brac, tombolas, the annual grand draw, the Christmas appeal, and other activities.

All of these areas require people to make them work. If you are interested in helping or have a new idea, please contact us at the shelter.

We are pleased to report that the 200 club’s contribution to the Shelter in 2013 was again £6000 and our total contribution since we started in 2005 is just over £36,000. A fantastic sum of money which is greatly appreciated by the Shelter.

This cash is currently helping fund the Shelters
Fostering scheme – whereby elderly dogs and cats which have been at the shelter for some time can be fostered by people who may have limited funds – the Shelter will pay any vets fees incurred.

The scheme is running very successfully and currently we have 18 dogs and two cats being fostered in this way. So you see how your money is helping these abandoned pets in a very direct way.

Our ‘200 CLUB’ is similar to a ‘lottery’ and will benefit the Shelter by providing regular income and our Supporters by offering the opportunity to win the monthly cash prize.

Prizes are now:

1st prize is £250
2nd prize is £150
3rd prize is £100
4th prize is £50

To join the ‘200 CLUB’ you need to first decide how many numbers you would like to go into the monthly draw.

Each number costs £2 per month. So 2 numbers cost £4 a month, 10 numbers cost £20 per month and you can have as many numbers as you like.

Complete the Standing Order form, leaving the commencing month blank and return it to the Destitute Animal Shelter.

When your Standing Order form is received you will be allocated your numbers and confirmation will be posted out to you with our thanks.

At each month end we will draw out a number and the winner (the member who ‘owns’ that number) will receive a cheque for that month’s prize money providing their subscription is up to date.

Winning numbers will be listed in each Newsletter.

Prize money!
We are aiming to ‘sell’ 1,000 numbers to give monthly prizes of £1,000. It is a big goal to achieve but if everyone we contact takes just 1 number we can do it!

So PLEASE return the Standing Order form today – don’t put it off – every single number matters – YOU matter and your monthly contribution will make such a difference to the future of the Shelter?

Additional Standing Order forms are available if you could please interest other family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues to join.

Thank you for your support in the past. We hope you will help us in this way to provide the Destitute Animal Shelter with the long-term support we urgently need to secure our future.