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5 1/2 year old British Bull

Boo came in to our car a few weeks ago, we noticed her eyes seemed infected and sore, her previous owner had her cheery eye and tear glands removed but failed to give her the after care medication that was prescribed and this has resulted in scarring of her corneas , the right eye is worse than the left, she was also very constipated due to lack of exercise. Good food, 2 walks a day and a small dose of lactulose once a day has started her bowel working again and she is going to the toilet fine now, as for her eyes she will require treatment for the rest of her life. 
She is on Optimmune eye ointment 2 x a day and replacement tears, due to the cost of the Optimmune the Shelter will help towards the cost as we are able to get a prescription thus allowing us to order them on line at a much cheaper cost (she cant be insured) On adoption she will be sent home with a few months treatment.
Boo is a very loving dog, a massive couch potato but also loves her walkies. She must be walked a minimum of twice a day to keep her bowels moving. She is fine with other dogs but has got into minor fights when she lived with another dog, we feel she just wants her human all to herself and does not want to be mithered by another dog when in the home but on a walk she is very sociable. You will need help to put the eye drops in as she closes her eyes very tight but she is very tolerant and will let you put them in. She is good in the car and very well behaved in the vets and overall is a very lazy chilled out dog. We have been putting honey lip balm on her crusty nose too. Her eyesight is not the best.
She is good with children 8+
Neutered ✅
Vaccinated ✅
Chipped ✅
Financial help for eyes ✅
If you wish to meet Boo please fill in the Dog Adoption Form below and ring the Shelter to make an appointment.
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