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Buster – Rehomed

14 month old American Bull Dog

Buster was abandoned by his owner and left in a house to fend for himself, this really knocked Busters confidence and trust in humans for six. His microchip was still registered to his breeder – who was not in the slightest bit interested in Busters welfare – just the money he got for the litter.

It has taken us a few months to get to where his now, but we have done all we can to regain his confidence and trust and he now needs a forever home.

Buster is still very shy around strangers, but it doesn’t take him long to warm to you and insist on cuddles and kisses.

Buster is quite good on the lead, likes his walkies but some sudden movements or noises spook him a little but with reassurance he soon gets on with his walk. He also has a thing for birds (feathered variety) he likes to chase them, but again he will listen to you as he loves treats. He had his vaccinations at the vets ok, but being left there for an operation without the person he trusts didn’t go so well, he did not have a good experience. He is a very playful dog, who sometimes forgets his manners when he becomes over excited, but again will listen when treats are offered. His adopter will need experience with large dogs, have the time and patience to carry on socializing him.

Buster is great with female dogs and has a male french bull dog has his best friend. He does not get on with all male dogs or cats.
Buster will be very loyal to his human. We don’t think a family is the right home for Buster – Adults only, he is quite clean in his kennel so we feel is will be house trained.

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