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Cooper – Rehomed

14 month old Frenchie/Pocket Bully cross
Cooper has been in our care since October, He has needed several weeks of treatment for a skin infection and a bad belly.
His skin is much better now and his diet has been changed to grain free complete and this has helped harden his stools but stress is causing weight loss and at the moment he is 4 meals a day.
Cooper has lost lots of weight and finds kennels very stressful and urgently needs a new home. He is a very loving little dog and likes cuddles and treats.
Cooper is very dog reactive in the kennels and on a walk, as he is small it is manageable but to enjoy a walk he would need to go to a relatively dog free area. He will need an experienced adopter who can try and help him overcome his issues. We have not been able to sort this issue on site.
  1. Children 14+
  2. No other pets
  3. A good knowledge of dog behaviour
  4. Some one at home a lot
If you wish to meet Cooper please fill in the form below and make an appointment to come and see him.
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