Dog Care


Although these Hints were prepared for new owners of Rescue Dogs they could be very useful for any dog owner.

  • Your dog may have been badly treated at its last home and so may be insecure and frightened. Any ordinary actions may be misinterpreted as threatening or harmful. Try not to make any sudden movements or raise your voice until your dog is more settled.
  • Almost certainly your dog will not have had as much love and training as it needs, a lot of patience will be required.
  • Regular grooming will ensure a healthy coat and skin. Checks should be made every few weeks for fleas and use a flea treatment on a regular basis as recommended by the manufacturer.
    It is also a good idea to regularly check your dog’s eyes and ears, these areas can indicate the beginning of many doggy problems. If you see anything unusual, see your Vet.
    Teeth and gums can be kept healthy by providing your dog with suitable chews and bones.
    Ensure that you walk your dog on a hard surface on a regular basis as this will keep the nails at a correct length.
  • A bored dog is an unhappy dog. Treat your dog to plenty of exercise and games.
  • Always supervise your dog when playing with children, other animals or strangers.


Lead training and free runs – When your dog first comes home it is unlikely that you will know how he will behave on a lead, and more importantly how well he will return when he is off the lead. The following hints may be of use to you.

  • Once the five days have elapsed after the second vaccination you can take your dog out on a lead. However it would not be advisable to let him off the lead yet. If the dog seems to want to be further from you for a bit of privacy when he is relieving himself, you can tie a long piece of washing line to his lead. This will enable him to exercise better and to have a little privacy if he feels the need.
  • Using this very long lead (away from the roads of course) you can test his willingness to come back to you. When he is at the furthest extent of the lead call him back in a friendly tone using his name and a simple one word command, e.g. “Sandy come”. Every time he correctly completes the exercise give him a small treat. If he does not oblige at first do not scold him just try again. With patience and understanding you will very soon be able to let him off the lead with complete confidence and be the envy of the other dog owners who are frantically yelling at their dog to no avail! Incidentally it is a good idea to practice recall during the middle of your walk so that he does not associate returning to you with the end of his play time, otherwise he could get the idea that he is being punished for coming back to you.
    Remember he must associate returning to you with a pleasurable experience not under any circumstances with a blow. If you have difficulty getting him back on the lead, by far the best method of disciplining him is to totally ignore him once he is back on the lead, take him home and do not speak to him or stroke him. After fifteen to twenty minutes you will have to pretend that it never happened. The reasoning behind this method is that the one thing your dog most wants from you, even more than food, is your love and attention. Therefore just by temporarily withdrawing your attention you can control your dog without causing him any trauma. The reverse of this is also true, the best way of rewarding your dog is to award him with your attention rather than a treat.

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