How Donations Help Us

Your donations are the reason we can keep doing the work that we do. The costs of living are steadily rising, and those related to animal care increase with the rest. Any help is always appreciated by both our staff, & our animals.

  • On average, the total annual cost of running the shelter is: £270,000.
  • Revenue generated by sales and services averages out at: £100,000.
  • The annual deficit which is a cumulation of donations, bequests and the sale of investments can be as much as £100,000.
  • We have qualified, medically trained professionals and comprehensive first aid kits.
  • The shelter operates on a equal opportunity policy in respect to our staff, volunteers and end users.
  • The manager is resident at the shelter.
  • All staff, volunteers and visitors are protected by the relevant employers and public liability insurance. 

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