Friends of the Shelter

What on Earth is a ‘Friend of the Shelter’? Well we hope that you are!

This a scheme which has had success with other charities and which we felt could be of benefit to us. Basically we have found that there are a lot of individuals who care about what we do and a number have suggested that we introduce our own ‘Friends’ scheme.

Each member of ‘Friends of the Shelter’ receives a quarterly newsletter. We would appreciate any animal related stories for our newsletters. Please post or email them to Karen at the Shelter

The annual subscription is £15.00 which can be paid by direct debit and can, if you wish, be covenanted. A Deed of Covenant allows us to receive an additional £3.45 from the Inland Revenue. This is a magic trick many people would like to achieve, turning £15.00 into £18.45.

If you would like to join PLEASE CLICK HERE to download a form.

Your £15.00 contribution will help us to help one of the many abandoned animals who arrive at Northolt Drive often in a pitiable state, frightened, alone and in need of care and shelter.

If you would like more information about Deeds of Covenant and a Gift Aid Form please telephone (01204) 526486