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Juke – Rehomed

8 year old SBT
Juke was handed over for rehoming due to no fault of his own, his owner said the lump on his foot was nothing serious but unfortunately it was. The lump was a mass cell tumour and due to its size and position the vet was unable to remove all of the cancer.
Leg amputation was discussed but it was decided this would be very detrimental to his mental & physical health as he has hated every minuet of going to the vets, it made him very grumpy and depressed, he also struggled with the general anaesthetic and his wound may not heal due to cancer cells being present, the surgery he has had for the lump has taken 3 weeks to heal. He loves to play with toys and kill footballs and it would devastate him if he could not do this any more and he has not been able to go for a walk for 3 weeks and now he can he is so happy so we feel quality of life is far more important for Juke than having to go through major surgery with no guarantee it will help prolong his life.
We don’t know how long Juke has left so we will be looking for a permanent foster home for him, we will pay any vets fees needed in the future, but as of now he is very happy and healthy and loving going for walkies now.
Juke loves attention and just wants to be cuddled, when he is in the mood to play he loves killing his footballs, he quite happy entertaining himself in the garden with his toys
His foster human must have experience with SBT and he will need to be the only pet in the home, but does not have issues with dogs on a walk.
Adult only home.
Neutered ✅
vaccinated ❌(not recommended due to cancer)
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